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The Unconventional Conventional Part XXXVI

The question that I ask today, the third in a series of questions, may be the most important question of them all when it comes to defining Financial Literacy and what that means to the average individual. The first two questions I posed, the first about whether it was better to be a loaner or an owner, and the second regarding the definition of Financial Literacy as being the general acceptance of facts that have largely never been questioned as the absolute truth, were

about two completely different things and yet, both depend on each other when it comes to the things that we come to believe in.

People want to feel safe and in order to feel safe they look around themselves to see what everyone else is doing. If they see something that is acceptable to them, they follow along with the majority, many without asking even one question, following in a spirit of blind faith. If challenged about their belief, some may even become belligerent defending to death a position they know nothing about. Our experience dictates that there are only a few leaders in the world and that there are many more followers. The followers have given their leaders their support by voting them into power and yet, the leaders continue to disappoint the followers by taking advantage of them. The corruption, conflicts of interest, greed, immorality, fraud and other sins perpetrated against society by government and big business leave the masses numb, dis-empowered and nothing less than cynical toward those that are in power. Government and big business know this about you and are doing everything they can to keep you numb, dis-empowered and cynical so that you continue do nothing about anything.

Society knows that they are being taken advantage of and perhaps has forgotten, or does not know or care anymore, about what to do to initiate the changes necessary to put the power back in the hands of the people. We know that we should not be afraid of our government and in fact we know that our government should be afraid of it’s people. If we vote you in, we can vote you out.

More people need to stand, support and protect the democracy and the democratic principles that the world has fought two world wars over. If we can fight those nations that threaten our existence why are we unable to fight the government and big businesses that keep us ignorant and trapped in our present reality within the confines of our own countries?

The third question(s): What would it take to inspire you? What would it take for you to stand up and get noticed, perhaps by going out to vote for responsible change? What needs to happen to inspire and empower the people of our world to initiate the changes that we so desperately need if we are to survive as a species? Do we need another global crisis or catastrophe? Tell me what you think we need.

Copyright 2013 Richard M. Kiernicki. All Rights Reserved.

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