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The Capitalist's Worst Nightmare Come True: The Crucifixion of Capital

From an Economy to an Ecology


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We're inviting PhDs in finance, business, MBA's and other interested professionals to participate in panels to discuss how TIME-EQUITY works, is a better system for solving the challenges of humanity going forward than our current system, and how it can be implemented.  There's also an opportunity to participate in the writing of a sequel to the book. Get in touch with me to participate.

​​Together with James Boyd Fuller of the World Alliance for Planetary Health & John Rosebush of WDC Power, we've launched the Petition for a Sustainable Planet... here's how you can help create a better world...



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James Boyd Fuller included a chapter on TIME-EQUITY & my book in his new book, Deep Calls to the Deep:


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Interview on Expert Channel TV for Golden Door

Golden Door HIT Talks (I'm on at 28:57)

Announcement of The Short List for the Golden Door Awards 2021, where Richard was selected (at 14 minutes, 11 seconds in the video) as one of the top 18 authors!

Interview on ThatChannel August 27th, 2021

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Video for The People's Reset Contest - The Greater Reset

GPSDS 2021 Awards & Felicitations Ceremony Speech

Richard M. Kiernicki Speech Part 1 at 19:15

2021-04-17 Witty Gossip Certificate Awar

GPSDS 2021 Awards & Felicitations Ceremony Speech

Richard M. Kiernicki Speech Part 2 at 2:39:43

2021-04-17 Witty Gossip Certificate of H

Removed from YouTube:

Speech on Day 1 of the Summit: Ending Poverty

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Golden Door Awards 2021 Shortlist: 

I have been shortlisted to be amongst the Top 18 for the GOLDEN DOOR 2021 - Truth & Integrity of the Written Word and was selected as Honourable Mention in the book category...

Learn more:



I won a Bronze Medal in the Golden Door Award - REX Karmaveer Truth-writer Fellowship & Chakra Awards. CLICK HERE TO SEE the WINNERS list.

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2020-09-24 Featured in Iconic Influencer


The press release and video got picked up by EcoNews


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2020-07-31 Bio Based Press Post of RMK V
2021-04-18 OFFICIAL Witty Gossip Certifi
2021-04-17 OFFICIAL Witty Gossip Certifi
2021-03-31 RMK Speaks at Global Sustaina


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John Berling Hardy, Managing Partner, Author

"Richard draws on an extraordinarily rich and wide range of sources, extending from Disney on the one end, to Gurdjieff on the other. In a very well thought out and compelling fashion he outlines the more obvious, as well as the well concealed, shortfalls of Capitalism. He clearly has the benefit of having had a long journey working in the financial industry, during which he has accumulated a prodigious store of expertise and insight.


Richard goes into an extremely expansive discussion on the nature of time. He explores it both in terms of the different ways in which it can be conceptualized, while providing a historical survey on how time has been viewed over time.

The book did leave me with one unanswered question though, that being: What will induce those in power to adopt such a system? As Richard would likely agree, all our economic and political systems to date have been designed by, and for the benefit of, a small minority. It begs credulity to think that those people did not know that some other variation might far better serve the interests of the majority than the one they chose to adopt.”

That having been said, we have certainly come to the end of the road as far as our present version of capitalism, and it needs to yield to something new, and hopefully better. And I share with Richard the hope that this new version will accommodate the many, as opposed to the few.

Bravo Richard ! Jolly well done!

2021-07-22 Bruce Raymond Wright Testimonial.PNG
2021-10-25 Kim GF Davis Testimonial image.PNG

"Richard M. Kiernicki I agree many current variants of capitalism, and especially the variants used in the US, i,e, predatory capitalism and surveillance capitalism, are on a collision course with democratic ideals. I also agree many billionaires, by the nature of their life conditions, live in a golden cocoon that isolates them from viscerally feeling what ails most of Humanity: the terrifying and debilitating stress that comes with not knowing how to properly feed our children. Thus they live in an alternate reality, and their views on society and where to go from here are too distorted by their "golden cage" existence. That said, it doesn't mean they orchestrated pandemics, climate change, etc. There's no need for an explanation of that kind, when we know of chaos theory, complexity theory, serendipity, etc. What can be said is that they don't necessarily combat those actively, as a class, but that's because when you have billions at your disposal, *any* crisis is an opportunity to make money, and *any* huge crisis is an opportunity to make a sh.tload of money. Thus most of them are opportunistic..."

Stephen Gibson Photo Testimonial.PNG

"Richard is a true visionary . He has a series of actionable items that hold many of our essential answers ...should be so fortunate to thrive in a rapidly changing landscape.  Richard is an exceptional talent He finds the inner siul and captures you. His vast knowledge makes him an ideal mentor."

"Richard is an "outside the box" thinker and TIME-EQUITY is a bold pathway of change."

James B. Fuller, World Alliance for Planetary Health

"As time unfolds, it becomes increasingly visible that many of our systems have outlived their purpose. Aligned with our true human spirit, a shift occurs calling for a new approach to value. Richard shows what this could look like.”

Nicolette DeVidar, TV Host & Founder, urban2050

“In his book, Richard Kiernicki provides an awareness and understanding of a new reality confronting business and politics.  A must-read for anyone who desires to understand the new rules we are likely to play by going forward.”

Mark Borkowski, Mercantile Mergers & Acquisitions

"On Ch7 and really enjoying it - your humanity and warrior spirit shines through!"

Jane Cuva, Professional Singer/Songwriter

"To be honest, I clearly saw you as a whistleblower (like  Edward Snowden for the NSA) who aspires at turning the world into a better place after witnessing the Evil from the inside."

Jose Balmon, Trade, Finance and Sustainability Specialist

"Yes, I have now completed watching the interview. As you suggested, the ego factor plays such an integral role in sustaining our current system of capital. Until we are able to suspend these systems of financial social stratification which breeds hierarchical structures of haves and have nots, we will never realize our greatest potential as human beings: love, peace, joy and perfect self-expression."

Lindy Anthony Jones, PhD

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Press Release



"Richard is an ‘outside the box’ thinker and TIME-EQUITY is a bold pathway of change."  James B. Fuller, World Alliance for Planetary Health

“In his book, Richard Kiernicki provides an awareness and understanding of a new reality confronting business and politics.  A must-read for anyone who desires to understand the new rules we are likely to play by going forward.”  Mark Borkowski, Mercantile Mergers & Acquisitions

This book shows how fragile the monetary system is and the elite do not want you to know that.  Richard has uncovered their secrets.  From mechanic to an exemplary career in the financial industry his self-made billionaire partner told him that his greatest asset is his ability to see things differently because he doesn’t have an MBA.  His “unconventional” methods were featured in a national financial magazine and TV show.  He learned that the majority have to fail financially for the few to win.

The thrust of this book is to show us that there are possibilities beyond what we’ve come to accept as our reality; this comes from an unending drive to imagine beyond the conventional wisdom.  TIME-EQUITY is the realistic alternative we’ve been waiting for to usher in an age of equality, true democracy, a sustainable planet and quite possibly the first era of peacefulness amongst humanity to work together in realizing our unlimited potential.





Toronto, ON (August 6, 2020) Capitalism is failing and The Great Reset, a rejigging of the same old system, soon to be implemented by the World Economic Forum isn’t going to solve all of our financial problems. So, what is the solution?  Canadian financial industry veteran Richard M. Kiernicki releases a new video, “Your TIME is More Important than Money: Converting the Economy into an Ecology,” In his book, “The Capitalist’s Worst Nightmare Come True: The Crucifixion of Capital,” he proposes a realistic alternative to capitalism. Time replaces money.


We are going through unprecedented times when lockdowns and restrictions are leaving many without work and government subsidies for individuals are not guaranteed to continue as long as the pandemic will last. Our current systems are breaking down and people are looking for a solution that works for everyone, something that will quell the fear of uncertainty that is spreading across the world, much of it financial worries, along with social unrest and forced measures infringing on our rights and freedoms. Capitalism in its current state does not support true democracy.


If we had a way to resolve all of these financial challenges that are overwhelming much of the populace and they didn’t have to worry about how they’re going to make their next rent or mortgage payment, feed their kids, keep their jobs, let alone dream bigger dreams, then we could all focus on building a healthy future together and putting in place the tools to build a sustainable future for our planet and everyone on it, where progress is not limited by fiscal restraints.


During his 30+ years in the financial industry, mentored by a self-made billionaire, seeing first-hand how the “money game” is rigged by the regulations put in place to create income disparity and widen the gap between the rich and the poor, Richard sees a new vision of the future, one where money doesn’t rule people’s actions and resource creation replaces financial wealth creation and where everyone is recognized for their contribution.  It may sound idealistic, yet it’s realistic to replace an antiquated system with something completely different that addresses modern-day concerns and challenges. Capitalism has brought us to where we are today and is now an outdated system, limiting the ability for humanity to thrive in the future of life on this planet.


At a time when the world is working together to find answers for our shared dilemma, it is the perfect occasion for finding ways to collaborate in a new system for unleashing unlimited human possibilities and unparalleled initiatives for ongoing sustainability of our planet. The answer is TIME, it’s the great unifier and the one thing we each have in equal proportion and can utilize to propel humanity into a future that breaks us free of the inequality and societal problems that the monetary system perpetuates.


Find out more about Richard’s book and his solution on his website,



Richard's 30+ years in the financial industry and his mentors (including Sir John Templeton, Warren Buffett and Michael Lee-Chin) taught him how to build the machine and therefore the person to take the machine apart is the person who learned how to put it together.

Mentored by a billionaire, Richard's career came to a stop in 2003 when assets at the company he was part owner in exploded from $1 billion to $12 billion and Richard realized one thing, that professional advisors were violating the basic terms of a prospectus which states past performance is no indicator of future results. The intent of investing is to buy low and sell high, but the reality for the majority is that they buy high to sell low. He chose to leave the business and cash out to spend time with his family, see his kids grow up and be more a part of their lives.

Five years later, ready to return to the business, on Saturday, October 18th, 2008, as the world was reeling with the news of the "global financial crisis," Richard was sitting comfortably at his dining room table reading the Globe & Mail and drinking espresso. He read the headline, "Wanted: A new financial order" and it caught his attention - the head of the IMF "declared the world financial system was 'on the brink of systematic meltdown'," while Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy agreed that "nothing would be truly fixed, they believed, until there was a new world financial system" and Gordon Brown and Merkel agreed that it was "beyond the scope or powers of any national government... would have to involve the whole world, and would require rewriting the rulebook of global capitalism."

Richard read words in this article and he was awakened to the fact that his life had a different purpose, that he was going to write the book on a realistic alternative to capitalism. What makes his book different than any other book on capitalism is that his suggestion for the alternative has absolutely no relationship with capitalism itself in any way whatsoever. He intends to prove to the readers of his book that the alternative he shares is simplistic and easy to manage. His alternative is a world and a system without financial excuses for doing the right thing, which solves the problems of human equality, financial inequality, converting from an economy into an ecology and sustainability for the benefit of all humans. It would create a solution that solves all of the problems that we struggle with each and every day. Please join him for a wild yet realistic ride into the new future!



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