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The Unconventional Conventional Part XXXIX

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

My column this week is devoted to the above quote from Nikola Tesla. As time continues to unfold, the truth, in all things, is beginning to shine through. Like oil in water, eventually it will rise to the surface and be exposed. My mother told me that when she first caught me in a lie. Scared the beegeebers out of me, “Really mom, the truth will always come out?” I begged her to tell me. And she was right, for the most part, the truth always seems to come out and at the darnedest of times too. Many times the exposure of truth is like a tidal wave when it is exposed, unbelievable at first and even scandalous as it rises to the attention and awareness of the public eye and their scrutiny delivered by the unscrupulous media. They sensationalize everything anyway because almost no one wants to read boring stuff, it won’t sell. And if you are even remotely following how this blog has anything at all to do with last weeks column, the hidden conversation is all about the profits and the almost complete disregard of how those profits are

made by the many to be enjoyed by the few.

I myself ask the question, what exactly would be considered anti-social behavior when it comes down to making profits at the expense of those that really do not know better? Isn’t that exploitation? I decided to check my trusted dictionary for a meaning to anti-social and it says that 1, acting in a way that conflicts with accepted behavior and causes annoyance, and 2, not wanting to mix with other people. By exploitation I mean “treat or use unfairly”. I think it is high time that society takes on an intelligent antisocial role when it comes to being exploited and continuously lied to by our government and business leaders. The hell with being passive, it is time to get aggressive and take back what we have forgotten as being the truth. The people should not be afraid of their government nor big business, like the banks for example. The

government and the banks should be afraid of the people. The people they are supposed to and have been elected to serve and not take advantage of. Be an intelligent antisocial and go out to vote, not only for your government, but also go out as shareholders and vote for the business leaders that will commit to making the changes so that the people will not feel like they are being taken advantage of all the time. Or do you just want to roll over and die as the conformist they take you for anyway?

Copyright 2014 Richard M. Kiernicki. All Rights Reserved.

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