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The Unconventional Conventional Part XXVI

If you have been following my blog here at you will have undoubtedly come to recognize that there are certain perceptions or opinions that people make up and follow, which by the way are always written for their own self interest usually at a particular point in time where they are most relevant and then they try to follow those ideals, which I am committed to shattering especially if they happen to be in need of change. I believe in disruptive technology. Not just in high-tech either. I believe that we are in a phase that is somehow dedicated to the evolution of our species through disruptive technology. Challenges always open the door to support and it is through adversity that we always find a way to excel, as individuals or as a species. Setting this “philosophy” aside for a moment, as I am sure it has the possibilities to cause all sorts of debate, which by the way is encouraged. The more people that love me or hate me is better for the overall press it may generate. So, armed with that information, how do we make the necessary changes?

Today, in the neighbourhood that I reside, there is a by-election happening and once again, as I pool my thoughts to the topic of my blog, I see how the gentle and subtle reminders of this election is so apropos that I remind myself about my right to vote. I can hear the cynical laughter all the way over here from wherever you may be reading this. However, the fact remains that we all have the right to vote. One vote. Equal to anyone else’s vote. Change lies awake and dormant in the power of that one vote. Why, because we do not believe that we can truly enact change. How many people go out and make their vote count?

According to the Elections Canada web site, forty five percent (45%) of the population voted in the last federal election. I tried to locate some facts on the percentage of corporate shareholders that vote at the annual meetings of Canadian Corporations. If anyone can send me the info or a link to the info I would be grateful. I would bet that the number of shareholders that vote at the annual meeting of Canadian corporations would be lower than for the federal elections.

And this is precisely why change does not materialize. The government and big business know that the citizens and the shareholders will not all go out and vote. Therefore, big business and government continue to do what they want at our expense. Want to make big changes? Start voting. Get everyone you know to go out and vote. Stop being cynical and thinking that your vote cannot change anything. Start to believe that if we all voted when and where necessary, change will happen. At the very least, larger voter turnout will intimidate the government and the corporations that rule our country and the world if we do not vote in their favour.

Copyright 2013 Richard M. Kiernicki. All rights reserved.

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