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This is the Most Important Remembrance Day Since the Second World War Ended:

Today as we remember those who fought for our rights & freedoms, many who sacrificed their lives, it's important to consider what we can do to honour their sacrifices, to bring the freedom that many of us have taken for granted. Now is the TIME for us to stand up for our human rights that are being eroded so quickly in this country and many around the world.

I am reminded of the famous quote, "The people shouldn't be afraid of the government; the government should be afraid of the people." They have no right to take away the rights our predecessors worked so hard to provide for us.

It is TIME to unite, stop the division and work together for a better world, and recognize that we are all equal, we are all human, we all bleed red, we are on humanity!

Copyright 2021 Richard M. Kiernicki and Signe Miranda. All rights reserved.

Find out what you can do, and connect here:

"Most of the rights and freedoms we are enshrining in the Charter are not totally new and different. Indeed, Canadians have tended to take most of them for granted over the years. The difference is that now they will be guaranteed by our Constitution, and people will have the power to appeal to the courts if they feel their constitutional rights have been infringed upon or denied.

If the long and searching public debate leading up to patriation of the Constitution proved nothing else, it proved that Canadians need and want their rights and freedoms protected. Enshrining these rights in our Constitution is an essential part of that process...

With our own Constitution home in Canada, we are able to make those kinds of changes, as we see fit. We will do it by working together with all the partners in our federation, in the spirit of those who worked together for more than a century to make Canada a free and bountiful land." Pierre Elliott Trudeau (Prime Minister of Canada, 1981), "The Charter of Rights and Freedoms: A Guide for Canadians" (Minister of Supply and Services Canada, 1982), Foreword.


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