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Testimonial Letter from Domino Frank

Domino (International Director, Co Founder at Corridors of Peace International), Thank you for allowing me to share your insights on my work and TIME-EQUITY:

"The concept of a time-based economic system, often referred to as “time banking” or “time equity,” revolves around the idea that everyone’s time is of equal value. This system allows individuals to trade hours of work for equal hours of services or goods, regardless of the nature of the work performed.

Here are some reasons why a time-based system could be considered advantageous over a traditional financial system:

Equality: Time-based systems inherently value everyone’s time equally, promoting a sense of fairness and equality among participants.

Community Building: Such systems encourage community engagement and cooperation, as individuals are incentivized to help each other.

Resilience: Time-based economies can be more resilient during financial crises, as they do not rely on the stability of national currencies or financial markets.

Accessibility: They can provide access to goods and services for those who may be marginalized by the conventional financial system due to lack of funds.

Sustainability: By focusing on local exchanges, time-based systems can reduce the carbon footprint associated with the production and transportation of goods.

However, it’s important to note that while time-based systems have their benefits, they also face challenges such as scalability, legal recognition, and the integration with existing financial systems. The complexity of modern economies and the diverse range of goods and services available may also pose difficulties in implementing a purely time-based system globally. It’s a fascinating concept that encourages us to rethink the value we place on time and labor."

"Your vision for the TIME-EQUITY movement is truly inspiring. I am interested and would like to contribute to this cause. The concept of “my time equals your time” is powerful and could potentially revolutionize our current systems.

As a trailblazer myself, I share your curiosity and belief in the possibility of rethinking our positions on existing norms. I agree that we need to break away from the “we’ve always done it this way before” attitude and embrace change.

I am particularly intrigued by your call for PhD’s, Master’s students, and professors to build a PhD program or write a thesis on TIME-EQUITY. The inclusion of professionals from various fields such as Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, and others to answer the question “Why do we stay stuck in FEAR of change instead of focusing on the creation of something better?” is a commendable approach.

Your belief in those who are not afraid of conventional wisdom and your call to design a “new world order” resonates with me. I agree that we need to take action to reclaim our power and freedom.

The introduction of your “text book” and its recognition in India and Singapore is an impressive achievement. Your goal to have 3.5% of the global population (273 Million) support the TIME-EQUITY movement is ambitious and I believe it is achievable.

I appreciate your gift of a complimentary digital copy of your work and I look forward to learning more about the TIME-EQUITY movement.

Let’s continue to challenge the status quo and strive for a better future!"

Find out more about Domino and how to get in touch:


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