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The Unconventional Conventional, Part XVIII

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Last week I added a link to King World News and invited you, my readers, to “amuse” their minds with an article that was written about how the “elites were planning more wealth destruction”. Certainly a most amusing and yet, an interesting read. However, it seems that since last week, they were exactly correct in speculating a significant drop in the price of gold that would once again create an opportunity for them to step back in and buy gold at discounted prices, hmmm. Even the stock markets performed to add to the comfort level investors must have to abandon gold and purchase securities in businesses that were once again at a fifty-two week high with all the ingredients for further rise. I use the word “investor” in the preceding sentence but you know I really mean “speculator”.

I would suggest that, amusing or not, individuals recognize the simple fact that what they, the elite, speculated about, they also managed to orchestrate. The proof will appear in the weeks ahead as the short sellers will have to cover their short positions which, depending on how severe the decline, will probably result in a huge price swing to the plus side when they rush to return to buy gold and boost up its price. Profits when it goes down and further

profits when it goes back up. It’s as easy as 1-2-3. It is totally diabolical, but not inconceivable, that the elite can control, to a certain degree, the price fluctuation of assets that they can influence by acting, for example, like reputable brokerage firms in the US would do, by betting the opposite of what would happen after suggesting publicly that the opposite be true?

Yeah, read that last sentence twice and then give your head a shake. Is it really that diabolical? Yes it is!

We are always being taken advantage of by these ‘elite”. And it seems so common place that most people have just come to accept that this is the way it is and we cannot change anything. Well I understand how you feel; powerless. And I understand that you have come to this powerlessness, which by the way creates complacency, because you entrusted these individuals to do the right thing in the first place. They, the “elite” have taken advantage and abused their power over us for way too long.

Now, you the depositor, the foundation of their banks, are afraid to go to the bank to ask for your money because they scrutinize your every detail to determine if you can borrow back your own money, at a higher interest rate than the banks pay you for your deposit, on you and your families and friends monies, to make a hefty profit for themselves. In the case of a first mortgage, they also keep your house as security in case you are not going to pay for it.

Almost every North Americans dream is to have and own their homes, not just as investments but places to raise their families and celebrate life, as we, the non-elite are also entitled to. Most of us will do everything we can to keep our homes if we are in a position to do so and many who may have lost their homes lost them to circumstances that were out of their control, which by the way may have also been created by the elite.

Is it fair that the banks “control” us in that manner? Are we now becoming more financially literate? Getting a better understanding of what’s going on? All of us can make a difference and that difference can lead to change.

Copyright 2013 Richard M. Kiernicki. All Rights Reserved.

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