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  • richardmkiernicki

Peoplelyzer Article - AI's Interpretation of TIME-EQUITY friend and colleague Julien Chabe (Founder of sent me a Christmas gift introducing me to AI's interpretation of TIME-EQUITY...since AI is not yet familiar with TIME-EQUITY it uses financial and economic terms to discuss a non-monetary system...unbelievable eh?...i guess it's still learning...however, those of you who are reading my book and trying to make sense of a TIME based system may find parts of the summary and insights helpful in better understanding TIME-EQUITY and its implications... gift to a free copy of my book here...

PS: Here's how another AI summarized this post, "Uncover the intriguing world of AI's take on TIME-EQUITY in a fascinating article by Peoplelyzer. Dive into the non-monetary system's implications and insights."


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