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No Out of Pocket Cash Required: Charles S. Bell's "Financial Equalization"

No Out of Pocket Cash Required: Charles S. Bell's "Financial Equalization" Helps Canadians pay their mortgage sooner and get out of debt. Written by Richard M. Kiernicki, the Unconventional Conventional

MONEY Magazine Feature July/August 2013

On occasion when opportunity collides directly with preparedness, that moment, has often been defined as “luck”. I am lucky. Being open minded and being an effective listener have, on quite a few occasions, provided an opportunity for luck to materialize in my life.

I accepted an invitation from an acquaintance of mine to attend a small informal meeting a few weeks back to hear about an “opportunity”. There I was introduced to Mr. Charles S. Bell, President of Financial Equalization Action Techniques and Mortgage Killer Ltd. from Toronto, who made a presentation on a subject, that quite frankly I wish I had known about during the quarter

century I offered financial planning services to my clients, called the Financial Equalization plan. Now I consider myself even luckier.

Charles’ presentation was like a throwback to an era that existed before the creation of hi-tech presentations containing PowerPoint images and graphics that command such presence where the actual presenter can almost get lost somewhere in the hype. Charles was live, a mix of personal stories that led to the research and creation of the plan he masterminded along with a few unrelated vaudevillian style “stories” and jokes. He was genuine. You just got the feeling that this guy was honest, his word on a handshake, a trusted representative of an era slowly fading into history. When you are told that the power behind the creation of the plan was the direct result of great personal and family adversity you just know that Charles speaks directly from his heart. He will prove it!

Affectionately known as “The Mortgage Killer” Charles obtained a copyright for the Financial Equalization Plan in 1987 from the government proving that it is the most unique and powerful plan in the mortgage and debt reduction industry. Since then, over 35,000 Canadians have used his process to save millions of dollars in mortgage and debt interest charges they were legally

obligated to pay their lenders. This plan CANNOT be purchased. You can only apply to see if you will qualify. There are no fees or out of pocket costs for you to apply. If you do not qualify, you cannot participate. It is as simple as that.

Well, with promises like that, I left the seminar determined to expose a fake. After all, when it seems too good to be true, most often it is to good to be true, right? I had to find the flaws. Even though I detest doing due diligence, I had to know. In summary, it is all good.

Copyright 2013 Richard M. Kiernicki. All rights reserved.

ADVERTORIAL, MONEY Magazine, July/Aug 2013

ADVERTORIAL Charles S Bell, Money magazine, July/Aug. 2013 by Richard M. Kiernicki

"Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come." Victor Hugo

The Financial Equalization Plan is an idea, well it is more than an idea, it is a plan, whose time has most certainly come.

Copyrighted in 1987 by the plans originator, Mr. Charles S. Bell, the FEAT (Financial Equalization Action Technique) Plan has already helped more than 30,000 families in Canada save millions of dollars in mortgage and debt interest charges they were legally obligated to pay their lenders. Mr. Bells secret strategy has created the most unique and powerful plan available in the mortgage and debt reduction industry today. The technique uses the weak links in the mortgage amortization chain and turns them into an advantage for you by turning obligated mortgage interest into payments against principal. The plan has been described by many Canadians as “being too good to be true” and the results have proven time and time again that it is a unique method of reducing interest charges paid to banks and other lenders providing greater payment efficiency, additional financial security and freedom from debt years 8-10 years sooner than otherwise possible. Charles has been affectionately nicknamed “The Mortgage Killer” for good reason, his plan is changing peoples lives!

At a time when media attention has been focused on the amount of debt we carry, not only as a nation but on an individual basis as well, prompting many Canadians to become much more aware of their of their personal debts, you would think that more people would be seeking real opportunities to reduce their debt burden. When credit card statements estimate that you will need more than 50 years to pay off a credit balance when only minimum payments would be paid against the account, we can understand how powerless and maybe even a bit cynical individuals feel when they cannot see a way out of debt that does not compromise their overall financial well being. Financial Equalization cannot be purchased. If you qualify, you can have it, if you do not qualify, you cannot. It is as simple as that. The best part, there are no fees or out of pocket costs to see if you qualify. What have you got to lose?

Copyright 2013 Richard M. Kiernick. All rights reserved.

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