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Senior Insurance & Investment Advisor

​As an advocate for financial literacy, Richard demystifies the financial process so clients make better decisions. Many times people pay higher taxes than they need to, because they aren't aware of alternatives to traditional government investment schemes - RRSP's, etc. He helps his clients create effective plans to protect their income, businesses and families in case they become unable to work their business due to accident, illness or death, or for future succession.

Richard doesn’t sell; rather he educates his clients: business owners, entrepreneurs, employees, individuals and families, on alternative tax saving strategies, ways of protecting their business, income and families and helps them find solutions for their unique needs and challenges, so they can keep their business’ doors open and thrive.

* Creating a strategy to build wealth for your business, family and clients
* Learning how to utilise alternative tax strategies to keep more of your money
* Protecting your business, income & family in case of accident, illness or death
* Succession plans and generational transfer of wealth to your families
* Using alternative strategies for wealth creation that he learned from his billionaire mentor and former business partner, Michael Lee-Chin.



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Protecting Your Income & Business


Find ways to protect your income & business from accident, illness or death through business overhead, disability insurance, critical illness insurance and affordable group insurance

Protecting Your Family

Learn how to protect your family against unexpected expenses due to accident, illness or death, with life insurance and/or medical insurance for your family

Investing in Your Future


Invest in your future with segregated funds, protect your RRSP & TSFA contributions and find out how to transfer generational wealth in more tax efficient ways


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Tel: 647-557-2679

vrit = Sanskrit for a disturbance in consciousness!

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