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As an advocate for financial literacy, Richard demystifies the financial industry for his clients. He focuses his efforts on helping his clients understand investment principles that he learned from his mentor and former business partner, AIC's founder and chairman, Michael Lee-Chin, based on the teachings of Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham. Richard came out of retirement to help spread financial literacy and is a Senior Insurance & Investment Advisor (LLQP licensed). He helps his clients protect their families by securing their most important asset, their ability to earn an income, as well as creating a plan to build future wealth and security for his clients and their families.

He was taught to differentiate himself from others in the business by applying specific strategies that were consistent with long term financial success. While at Berkshire, during his 23 year career, prior to 15 years of retirement, he managed assets of approximately $40 million on behalf of 125 individual and corporate clients. With a securities, mutual funds and A&S insurance license, Richard prepared financial plans that incorporated wealth creation principles, retirement, insurance, after tax investment considerations and estate planning concepts. Strict adherence to these principles resulted in his regular participation in the Gold Circle Club which recognized above average achievements in client service and production at Berkshire.

During his tenure at Berkshire, Richard was selected and featured, along with six other investment industry professionals, for a nationally televised program on advanced investing. The program was titled “The Money Maze” T.M. and was aired on Prime, ATV, Prime and CTV across Canada in 1999. In order to participate in the series he was involved in a series of television training instruction which included body language, eye contact and speech articulation. It was a phenomenal opportunity to build credibility and further secure his reputation in the industry as a leader. Richard was also a published author/contributor to Money Magazine and blogger on for two years (see his blog on this website).


2019 April Richard and Michael Lee-Chin
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"Richard's approach to self-help, success coaching, and mentoring is a massive evolution for this industry. The progressive effect of his one-on-one coaching modality makes urgency for change 2nd nature and soon thereafter your primary way of being. If you've read all the books and watched all the videos and are still seeking lasting personal transformation, Richard's system of coaching/mentoring can remove the final barriers to personal empowerment and self-actualization."

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Michael Santonato

Executive Director, Financial Advisor

"Richard is a man of sheer financial brilliance. Period. I am lucky to have had many fireside conversations with Richard, coffee in hand. I can vividly recall the amount of complete joy I felt when Richard shared one or two of his highly leveraged financial concepts which, once lodged in my mind, changed my thinking forever. It amazed me. Richard has often amazed me with his knowledge, strategy and creativity in personal and business finance. I am proud to call him friend. And I am lucky, again to have gotten to know how much he cares about his clients, students and friends. He is a man of commitment, integrity and true financial wisdom."

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"Working with Richard has been one of the most enjoyable, eye-opening, challenging, and rewarding experiences of my short career. He has cleansed my mind of many self-limiting mental barriers, he has enabled me to identify and address the hard questions in both my career and, more importantly, my life, and most of all he has become a great friend whom I have developed a tremendous amount of trust and respect for. He has helped me articulate a strong set of values for my practice and has forever put my career in the fast lane."


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