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New Interview on Smart Sustainability Part One on Money and Why a Sustainable Economy is an Oxymoron

...It's TIME to not only think deeply about what’s going on in our world, but take ACTION, as our world is in a crisis never before experienced and only we can STOP it and SHIFT together to CREATE a BETTER world...

"...[S]hop owners have been pushed out in favor of big tech and an unhealthy marriage between money gamblers -- which is what most of today's banking system has become -- politicians and people who suck citizens dry for data without giving anything in return. What they all have in common is that they behave like parasites. Parasites are important to any system, but when they become the system, there's a problem...." Nicolette DeVidar, Smart Sustainability: Deep Dives

"...entrepreneurs, risk-takers of the likes [are the ones] that make a free society and economic well-being possible. The next step will be an invitation to everyone to participate with their ideas, starting in small communities." Nicolette DeVidar, Smart Sustainability: Deep Dives


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