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Early Warning Signs of Fascism

...viral??? kicking lazy people's asses to get out and revolt and take action against something, instead of sitting around pressing buttons kind of viral???... think you know what's going on???'re home, pressing your "like's" and everything, creating data they need to sell to make billions by discovering what you want to do or buy, backed by what you already gave them for is the new oil, you need to figure this out...because no one wants to take action and stop it...aren't you getting even just a little bit pissed off???...

...COME ON PEOPLE, the MAJORITY, the 99%, of whom i am addressing in this post...(I was gonna say ass-holes but my g/f stopped me)...MAKE THIS VIRAL...WE'RE COMING BACK TO RECLAIM WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY OURS!!!...if i've pissed you off and you do're gonna love what is being planned for you in plain sight and it will be too late...this is the time to toilet paper as there seems to be enough in stores right now...

...SPARE 15 minutes and LOOK at what is coming...

Copyright 2020 Richard M. Kiernicki. All rights reserved.

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