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Disruptor, Author, Mentor, Speaker, 

Creator of TIME-EQUITY

After 40 years in the financial world, learning how the machine was built taught me what the financial world cannot offer. 

If you want a better life, you create it. 

Want to differentiate yourself & don’t know how?  Contact me.

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Financial Review


Book a free consultation to find out how you can protect your income, your family and plan for retirement.

With 40+ years of experience as an advisor, Richard helps people protect their income & families, invest in their future and plan for their retirement. He shares the unconventional investing techniques of the wealthy that he learned from his respected mentors in the financial industry.

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Richard was a business partner with a man who became a billionaire as they grew the company. Who's mentoring/coaching you? Learn from his communication expertise & 40+ years experience in the financial industry.

He utilizes this experience to help his clients apply the unconventional investing techniques of the wealthy, as well as helping financial professionals and entrepreneurs to do the same. To learn how to differentiate yourself and communicate effectively with your clients, colleagues & associates:


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Keynote Speaker


Book Richard to speak at your event. Areas of expertise: financial reviews, investing & leverage, protecting your family's income & lifestyle,
retirement, communication with your clients, your colleagues & yourself, team leadership & collaboration.

As a specialist in communication & NLP, Richard helps financial professionals and entrepreneurs differentiate themselves, effective team building and team work, unconventional wisdom for income & family protection and helping people invest in their futures. To book him to speak at your event or for your business/community meeting:

Call 647-557-2679


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Richard's Book


"The Capitalist's Worst Nightmare Come True:

The Crucifixion of Capital"

The resurrection of the human spirit, creating equality and turning the economy to an ecology

Find out more and buy a signed physical copy or digital book of Richard's book!


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Richard Kiernicki considers the past 40 years to have been some of the most exciting times in the professions of finance, motivation & personal transformation. He believes that the future of these industries holds unlimited potential & possibility. While the Canadian financial industry experienced explosive growth & the fields of self-help & transformation rapidly gained acceptance & worldwide momentum, Richard found his place in that ever evolving/expanding world.

Fortunate to have an open mind, deep intuition and a strong commitment to move ahead in his life, “he did not do what was the easiest and most expeditious, he chose to do what was right” according to a 1997 letter from his partner Michael Lee-Chin at AIC. Richard strongly agreed with Michael on this point: your reputation is absolutely vital to your success. Richard’s other mentors include Napoleon Hill, Bob Proctor, Viktor Frankl, Brian Tracy, Anthony Robbins, Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Lise Janelle, Sir John Templeton, Peter Cundill, Peter Lynch & Warren Buffett. He learned to follow examples set by those who are considered to be the absolute best in their areas of expertise & exemplify honesty, dedication, ethics & commitment. These individuals continually seek to differentiate themselves from the crowd by being examples of living according to the highest degree of personal values & integrity. Richard integrates those values into his own life & passionately shares those principles with his family, friends & clients.

He fully understands that acting on that knowledge is much more powerful than just having it. When you live life according to your highest values you become inspired & awaken the genius within, and have the ability to inspire & awaken the genius in others.

Richard provides a wide variety of coaching disciplines that set the stage for innovative methods of inspiration for those who are seeking to find an expression of their truest selves through authenticity, challenge & support.



Richard Kiernicki with Michael Lee-Chin


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Tel: 647-557-2679

vrit = Sanskrit for a disturbance in consciousness!

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