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New Book, "Deep Calls to the Deep" by James Boyd Fuller includes Chapter on My Work & TIME-EQUITY...

...It's TIME to stop and think deeply about what’s going on in our world, as it’s in a crisis never before experienced...

James Boyd Fuller, President & CEO of The Planetary Health Project has released his second book, “Deep Calls to the Deep,” bringing to the forefront the urgent needs our civilization must address now and exposing the lies and corruption that have led us to where we are today and what we can do to correct the errors and move forward powerfully.

I’m so excited about sharing James’ new book, but I’m also excited about the fact that James has included a chapter about TIME-EQUITY and my book, “The Capitalist’s Worst Nightmare Come True: The Crucifixion of Capital,” to tie these two ideas together and show people that by shifting their consciousness in thinking, we can create solutions for the problems that we find ourselves in. This is how miracles come together.

Get a copy of James’ newly released book here:


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