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Golden Door Forum Online - Nov. 17-18, 2023 Free Registration- TIME-EQUITY Panel

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

…Join us at The Golden Door Forum Online Panels this Friday & Saturday...It's two full days of free online panels, Richard is a panelist on Devolution of Power, Friday, November 17th 7:30 AM ET/12:30 PM GMT and leading the TIME-EQUITY Panel Saturday, November 18th, 11:30 AM ET/4:30 PM GMT.

REGISTER & SEE the Schedule HERE:

TIME-EQUITY Replacing Capitalism:

How can we implement a system based on Equality through TIME, the great equalizer, eliminating the need for a monetary system, through direct democracy (by the people for the people), to eliminate greed, corruption and manipulation and unleash humanity’s full potential?  

With each person contributing equal TIME and each person’s TIME being equal, each person will be able to contribute their gifts and talents to society, without budget restrictions, eliminating planned obsolescence thereby using our TIME and resources more efficiently and with each person living on purpose and in purpose.

 REGISTER & SEE the Schedule HERE:

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