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2nd Anniversary "The Capitalist's Worst Nightmare Come True: The Crucifixion of Capital"&TIME-EQUITY

...Please join us as we CELEBRATE the Second Anniversary of the release of "The Capitalist's Worst Nightmare Come True: The Crucifixion of Capital" paperback...After a whirlwind first year with awards from Singapore & India and interviews around the globe (click here to see the First Anniversary Blog & videos) it has proven to be another exciting year and projects are in the works to further expand TIME-EQUITY throughout the world, through discussion and connection... Many opportunities are opening and we want to share our most sincere thanks to those who have contributed to moving it towards an inevitable reality...the the future is in our hands... together we can TAKE ACTION, PROPEL the SHIFT and CREATE a BETTER SYSTEM for the WORLD...TIME to UNITE and BELIEVE in ourselves and each other...

Share the book with your friends (share this post), write a review on Amazon and get excited about the movement!

We're inviting PhDs in finance, economics, business, MBA's and other interested professionals and thought leaders to participate in panels to truly understand how TIME-EQUITY works and why TIME-EQUITY is a better system for solving the challenges of humanity going forward than our current system, because TIME cannot be bastardized by human hands. God's clock has worked perfectly since the beginning of TIME...TIME is fully transparent (unlike our existing financial structure), which in turn builds trust and equality, leading to a true democracy. We will share our ideas on how it can be implemented and next steps. There's also an opportunity for panelist to participate in the writing of the sequel to the first book. Contact me to inquire about next steps.


* TIME-EQUITY Panels, starting with Nov. 20th Golden Door Generative Dialogues, from Singapore (tune in online)

* Sequel to the book with 12 authors contributing their thoughts on how TIME-EQUITY can be implemented to solve the challenges our world faces today, eliminating greed, corruption and manipulation and propelling humanity forward to realize its UNLIMITED POTENTIAL

* A non-profit organization for the implementation of TIME-EQUITY.

Go to the Author page to see all of the interviews, publications and awards from the last two years.


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