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The Unconventional Conventional, Part XXIV

Greetings!!! I must apologize for the recent lack of blogging. Sometimes things are completely out of your control and your only choice is to find the support that comes with the challenge you are facing. Challenge and support are on opposite sides of the same coin which to me, is empowering. So, I am empowered to keep writing and I thank you for your encouragement to do so! Since I began this blog I have chosen to write in an Unconventional way because I want people to understand the truth. However, sometimes that truth is difficult to swallow. There are so may people who need to be “right” about things and many have a hidden agenda, however, they do not want you to know. They believe that “ignorance is bliss.” I disagree. With that in mind, I shall keep searching for the truth and when I expose it, I will keep you informed. You can make your own decisions about applying it. To me, actions are always stronger than words and those who act on knowledge they acquire, are priceless.

My RSP bashing blogs from earlier this year are still being talked about. In fact, if you recall, a prominent financial author who appreciated my work suggested that I approach a political party to discuss my “unconventional” idea that low income earners get a larger tax break to encourage them to save for retirement. Well, guess what? A client of mine called me late one evening and invited me to meet a gentleman whose title happens to be Special Advisor, House Strategy, NDP Caucus. It was an interesting meeting to say the least. What was most interesting to me about this conversation was his “reluctance” to really look at the issue and even though he agreed that the idea made sense, his biggest concern was how to “package” it for voters. Personally, there is nothing to “package” when it comes to the truth. The truth will set you free. So, I do not understand why there is such a reluctance to make sure that people know the truth. If “they” do not want you to know the truth, something is wrong. And yes, something is wrong. And it needs to be fixed. That is why I am calling on you, my readers to please share the truth, especially if you know deep inside that my writing is all about the truth. Like the children’s movie, A Bug’s Life, where the hero, Flik, an ant, inspires all the other ants in the colony to stand up to the grasshoppers and force them away from the ant colony. It is a great movie and although it may

seem like an innocent cartoon, it speaks to the heart of anyone who knows and feels that it is the few who prey on the many and when the many unite, the few are forced out of town. It is time that the many find a belief, a solid foundation for action and then a foundation for change. Remember, the only constant is change.

Copyright 2013 Richard M. Kiernicki. All Rights Reserved.

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